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New York Yankees

This powerhouse team is home to legends like DiMaggio, Gehrig, Babe Ruth Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle - to name a few. Whether one likes them or not - and even if they have fallen behind a bit - The Yankees remain the barometer of success in Baseball today.

The defending American League and World Series Champions open and close the 2010 season against the Boston Red Sox. In hopes of repeating as World Series Champions, the Yankees went out and recruited LHP Andy Pettitte, DH/1B Nick Johnson, LF Randy Winn and RHP Chan Ho Park.

The new Yankee Stadium quickly garnered the reputation as a “launching pad” because of the high number of home runs hit in its debut season. In a study done by AccuWeather, it was determined that the shape and height of the right field wall was directly responsible for the record breaking 216 homers hit last season.

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